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My Media Kit

For my Writing for Public Relations class, the final project involved creating a media kit for a client of my choice. A media kit is an important public relations tool that provides the media with research, facts and historical context that reporters can use in their stories. This allows companies to give comprehensive information to the media at one time and increases the chance of getting an event covered.

For my media kit, I decided to cover the 2017 Hangout Music festival.


News release: My news release works as a promotional tool for the Hangout's 2017 lineup. This is meant to provide important information like the festival dates, headliners and ticket options.

Backgrounder: The backgrounder provides historical context for the event. This information can be used by reporters and minimizes their need for outside research. For this backgrounder, I included information about when and why the Hangout was founded, past headliners, average attendance numbers, revenue and more.

Audio news release: Similar to the news release, my audio news release is a promotional tool to generate interest in the event. However, this element of the media kit is written in a form that will be read on the radio. It includes a script for the radio announcer and a quote from the co-founder of the Hangout.

Photos and cutlines: This part of the media kit provides visual content for the event. I used three photos from past festivals that show the sun setting over the festival, a former headliner and the Hangout's VIP pool lounge.

Staff biographies: I wrote my staff biographies on the Hangout's two co-founders and the executive director. By researching past articles and their professional profiles, I was able to compile relevant information about these staff members.

Please click on the image below to see my media kit!

The Hangout