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My Magazine

I created my magazine using Adobe InDesign. It contains a collection of stories written for my Style and Design class client, Auburn Family. My content ranges from internships to diversity on campus.

I created this magazine using a variety of fonts and paragraph style components. For the front cover, I decided to use the font PT Serif to give the title a clean, classic look. I also wanted to use a picture that features Samford Hall. This building is an iconic symbol of Auburn University, and I wanted to include it as a prominent component of my magazine.

For the body text of my magazine, I used Times to create an easy-to-read flow to my articles. I also used the font Noteworthy to create pull-quotes for each article. This allowed me to break up the layout of my content and emphasize important quotes from interviewees.

The front and back cover of my magazine are photos of me taken by a local photographer, Hannah Miller. I have worked with Miller on a promotional shoot for Auburn University's bookstore. I knew she would do a fantastic job on my magazine photos as well as the pictures you will see throughout my website.

I decided to name my magazine "Magnolia Avenue" to show my pride for Auburn University. I have lived on Magnolia Avenue for the past two and a half years and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It holds many of the memories, lessons and amazing people I have met during my time at Auburn. I believe these components of my college experience are reflected in the content of my magazine.

Please click the image below to view my magazine!

Magazine cover

Kelsey Bixler 2017