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My Case Study

.As a final project for my Public Relations Case Studies class, my classmates and I were asked to analyze a relevant public relations and marketing campaign. Throughout the semester, we studied countless case studies that helped us identify the difference between a good campaign and a poorly executed one. For this project, my group members and I decided to analyze the highly successful One Love Foundation #ThatsNotLove campaign.

The One Love Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping young adults recognize and combat abusive dating behaviors. According to One Love, 57 percent of college students report finding it difficult to recognize the signs of violent dating behaviors. In order to spread awareness about this issue, One Love created a series of videos with the tagline "#ThatsNotLove." These four mini-campaigns are called "Love Labyrinth," "Asterisk," "Couplets" and "Because I Love You." This umbrella campaign shows how subtle relationship abuse can be and exposes the key components of the problem behind recognizing the warning signs of abuse. These videos are meant to help college students identify the difference between a healthy and an abusive relationship and put an end to violent dating behavior.

This moving campaign was created as a memoir to a young woman who lost her life to an abusive relationship, Yeardley Love. I hope the One Love Foundation continues to push this issue and educate college students about the warning signs of abusive relationships. 

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One Love Foundation