Kelsey in front of white doors


My Brochure

I designed a brochure for my Public Relations Multimedia Writing class. The assignment required me to create a six-page pamphlet. The pamphlet is meant to encourage community members of a failing school district to volunteer their time to tutor local high school students. Though this assignment is based on a fictional scenario, I believe the skill of creating a brochure is an important tool for a public relations student.

This scenario involves a city called Emerald Heights. With a high school dropout rate of over 40 percent, the citizens in this community need a system of educational support. This pamphlet is a call-to-action for parents and scholars of the city to join together to help their children stay in school. Project Graduation shows how public relations tactics can be used to unite a community and benefit a meaningful cause.

For this brochure, I wanted the colors to be bold and draw the readers' eyes to each section. The bright yellow and light blue are meant to cast a hopeful outlook on the given scenario.

I created this brochure using Canva. Canva allowed me to seamlessly combine captions, photos, logos and text into six panels. I decided to combine the two inside panels in order to provide important details about the project. I also chose to keep the text on each panel short and to the point to keep readers' attention.


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