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My Animated GIF

This is my animated GIF that I created for my Style and Design class. I took this video of my friends shaking their shakers at the Auburn vs. Georiga game. I wanted to capture a moment that represented a meaningful memory from my college experience.

The Auburn vs. Georgia game was hands-down one of my favorite memories from college. As I sat in the student section surrounded by my friends, I got to celebrate Auburn's football team win against one of our biggest rivals. Auburn vs. Georgia is known as the South's Oldest Rivalry. While this game is often overshadowed by the Iron Bowl by outsiders, this was a pivotal moment for Auburn fans everywhere. This short, looping clip shows the joy that was on my fellow students' faces throughout the game. This GIF represents a moment that I will remember when I look back at my college experience for years to come.

I created this GIF using Adobe Photoshop. After filming the video at the game, I uploaded it to my computer and opened the Adobe Photoshop software. I then adjusted the speed to 112 percent. Finally, I made the clip loop forever and exported the GIF using the "Save for Web" tool.

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Kelsey's animated GIF